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Babe Cave on a Budget

Almost every girl has dreamt of that Pinterest worthy walk in closet or getting ready room where they can primp and style and do all the girly things (I mean, at least I always did). Well good news, you can have it! Whether you build a special space in the corner of your bedroom or designate a small spare room (like I have), your Babe Cave on a budget awaits!

When moving into a new house, I found myself in the predicament of a tiny bathroom with little to no storage - which was just not going to work for me! So VOILA, The Babe Cave was born. I wanted a girly, functional space to really be able to style, get ready, and just enjoy myself! My little girly corner of the world.

I grabbed almost all the pieces online from Target or Amazon and almost all are under $20! See below for photos, links, and everything you need to create a functional styling sanctuary!

But first, a few tips for organizing your Babe Cave:

1. When organizing things such as makeup/accessories, lay them all out, decide what is important and used regularly, and what isn't. Place non essential items in bins or containers to store under the sink/in the closet for those rare occasions you need them.

2. Take inventory of essential items to decide what containers/products work best for your items and your space; search places like Amazon, Target, and Marshalls or Home Goods to get the best deals

3. Sometimes function isn't as cute as you want it to be; it's ok to give up "cute" bulky organization for function! I learned this the hard way over the years when it comes to jewelry. If you can see it and get to it, you're much more likely to use it.

4. Create a space where you can style! Having a clothing rack where I can style out looks for the week has been a game changer! It's helped me to make myself use the accessories I love but always forget about.

5. Make the space YOU! If it makes you happy, then it's perfect.


Two Piece Set: $33 on Amazon for both pieces; the softest material and comes in so many colors! I sized up to a large for more length in the crop top

Table Desk: bought for $15 from a friend, but only $24.99 at Ikea

Peel & Stick Wall Paper: Used to cover the desk; $34 from Target and had plenty left over

Floral Accent Chair: from Target but sold out; check your local Home Goods/Marshalls for affordable accent chairs

Mirror Decal: Says "You're like, really pretty"; $12 from Amazon

Scrunchy/Headband Storage: This thing is amazing! Fill it up with your scrunchies and use the outside for headbands; $15.50 from Amazon (headbands are an Amazon set as well)

Hanging Jewelry Organizer: Perfect for organizing all your jewelry. Plus you can fold it up & take it on the go; $12 from Amazon

Clear Organizers with Labels: $30 on Amazon and an absolute must have for organizing any space

Double Sided Magnifying Mirror: only $4.99 from IKEA!

Vanity Place Mat: $4.99 from Target; helps with keeping the wallpaper on the desk in good condition

Kate Spade Coaster Set: These were given to me as a gift - Kate Spade for Lenox set of 4 coasters; on sale for $25

Lipstick Organizer: $7 at Target; I use this a quick grab and go for my most used products!

Large Clear Organizer: $15 at Target; perfect for organizing hair/bathroom/makeup accessories

Tiered Glass Canister: This exact canister is currently out of stock, but was around $15. The perfect organization piece that doesn't take up a lot of space!

Metal Clothing Rack: This one is $60 from Home Depot; much cuter/affordable options exist, but this one was free so I took it! Check this one and this one

Hanging Mirror: Was like $35 from Marshalls; Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Home Goods are the best place to find cute and affordable wooden framed mirrors!

Gold Floor Lamp: Only $9 from Walmart!

Wall Decor: Always from Hobby Lobby! These pieces are sold out, but you can always get good deals on their wall decor using their 40% off online coupon!

Don't ever think your budget or space is too small to create your perfect sanctuary. Girl, you deserve it!

xoxo Mads

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