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Basic Girl's Fall Guide to Amazon

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Let's be honest, if you landed here then you love fall, you love amazon - you're basic and you know it. Admit it, own it - we're in this together, girl.

Although I've been a longtime Amazon lover (who doesn't love two day free shipping), I've only recently discovered their amazing assortment of apparel! Amazing designer dupes, exclusive products, and at a fraction of the cost of many retail stores!

While ordering off Amazon is always a little bit of a blind hope, my favorites below come with tons of great reviews, and Amazon also has a great return policy.

Without further ado, below are the Amazon pieces ever girl needs in her wardrobe for fall!

  1. Tan & Orange Leopard Sweater: Ordering this piece STAT. The colors are perfect for fall! Just add denim and booties and you're ready for some basic pumpkin patch photos

  2. Striped Balloon Sleeve Lounge Set: The only good thing to come out of Covid is the idea that we can wear lounge sets in public. This one has amazing reviews! Mine is on the way. Going to add sneakers and a messy bun and rock the 2020 look!

  3. Mauve Hooded Sweater Dress: Because any excuse to go out of the house in a cute oversized sweatshirt and sneakers...

  4. Oversized Flare Jeans: Have a friend who has these and they are SHORT GIRL APPROVED. I repeat, short girls grab these! You will probably still have to wear your tallest pair of booties, but hey, that's okay.

  5. Ribbed & Striped Oversized Sweater: Have this sweater and LOVE. The sleeve shape is a little unique and the color just screams pumpkin spice latte.

  6. Oversized White Leopard Sweater/Dress: (pictured in photo above): If you're a short girl, grab this leopard sweater NOW. I love it tucked into jeans and it's even long enough to wear with leggings or booties as a dress! The oversized fit allows plenty of room for tall girls, but probably won't work as a dress.

  7. Striped Oversized Cowl Neck Sweater: saw this on a fellow bloggers Amazon haul and fell in love. Going to grab this and pair with faux fur spanx leggings for fall or winter!

  8. Burgundy Joggers: Because no fall wardrobe is complete without these cozies

  9. Color Block Turtle Neck Sweater: This beauty has over 1300 reviews on Amazon. Oversized yet still chic - the perfect combo!

From blue light glasses to flat brimmed hats to the perfect bra cami - run and grab these accessories to finish off your fav fall looks!

  1. Blush Belted Felt Hat

  2. Set of 10 Knotted Headbands

  3. Cami Bra Top

  4. Leather Backpack/Purse

  5. Neckerchief

  6. Gold Plated Opal Ring

  7. Blue Light Glasses Set

  8. Layered Ring Set

  9. Camel Belted Felt Hat

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