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Meet My Sidekick, Rosie & Her Fav Pup Products

I think of any blog post I've ever posted, this is the one I'm most excited about! I'll take any excuse to talk about and brag about my bestie pup. So here we go!

xoxoMads friends, meet Rosie! She also answers to Rosie Roo, Ro Ro, Rosie bug, and lots of other pretty embarrassing giberish names.

Yes that is me carrying her like a baby, because also yes - she is my literal child. I adopted Rosie Roo back in March of 2018. When we met, I instantly knew we were made for each other. I was going through a hard time (with boys and work and friends moving away and life in general), and was just looking for a best friend. I actually had a meetup scheduled with a dog that I found on Petfinder that I thought for sure I was going to adopt. I bought all the things and on my way to meet her was told that they gave her to another owner. I was crushed. I kind of decided that maybe I should hold off on the pup search because it was a little heartbreaking. The next day my sister sent me Rosie's (then Foxy lolol) photo. It had no info and she was located about 30 minutes away in a small animal shelter. For some reason I went. Y'all, am I glad I did. We walked the grounds. We sat beside each other in the grass in the sun and just looked at each other, and I knew we were meant to find each other (lawd I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it). I took her home that very day, and we've been inseparable since. It's so true when people say that shelter dogs save us just as much as we save them. Peep a photo of her the first night I brought her home. A little scared, but also rocking those fabulous ears.

So now that you have the backstory, this little skinny malnourished pup quickly opened up into the most ridiculous diva of a dog that has ever existed. After a lot of research we "think" we figured out that she is an Irish Setter and Saluki mix. She's lean, fast, and certainly has some sorting of hunting breed in her. It's our best guess. You can typically find her with her paws crossed, tongue out, and crimped ears up. She loves running, hiking, chasing squirrels and her kitty sister, and chewing on sloth toys, naturally. Her favorite place to be is curled up in the bed with at least one paw on my chest. See the collage below for my fav Rosie photos and faces over the last 2.5 years!

While Rosie deserves the best that God's green Earth has to offer, we wanted to share our favorite affordable doggo finds! What she eats, what she wears, and what she plays with! Scroll down and follow the links to purchase Rosie's favorite things (affiliate links are used)!

Dog Food: Purina Pro Plan - has real chicken chunks; she picks them out and then eats the regular food lololol

Retractable Leash: I know they say these aren't great for dogs, but I love it for when we are hiking or doing stuff outdoors because it gives her so much room to run. This one is cute, affordable, and great quality

Chaco Collar: Looks like the exact pattern of her collar is sold out, but you can customize a collar & leash (Rosie has both) for your pup! The collar is only $20!

Chaco Leash: We have the metallic rose gold, and it is beautiful! It has held up great! Only $25 and would be the perfect gift for a pet lover

Flea Collar: after having a terrible case of fleas one spring, she wears this every day and we haven't had any problems!

Plaid Bandanas & Floral Bandanas: Rosie never leaves the house without a fabulous bandana. These reversible ones from Amazon are THE BOMB. Adorable, reversible, affordable - literally the best.

Treat Jar: our exact treat jar is sold out, but this one is similar and so cute!

Crate Pad: we no longer use a crate, but we keep a large one of these by the back door so she can lay there and look outside! Marshalls always has tons of affordable ones.

Bowl Feeding Station: Love that this keeps the bowls off the floor and is aesthetically pleasing!

Dog Bed: This is what she sleeps in every night! She LOVES it.

Hol-EE Roller Balls: Rosie has a mini set of these and is OBSESSED. I don't know what it is, but she loves them way more than tennis balls.

Tennis Ball Launcher: We got this as a gift last year and it's so fun to take in the back yard or to the dog park when the pup needs exercise but you're feeling lazy

Plush Toys: our favorite affordable plush toys ALWAYS come from Marshalls, Home Goods, or TJ Maxx. They don't have a ton online, but I linked a few of my favorites here and here. We always go for the sloths of course.

Treats: Rosie's favorite treats by far are Jack & Pup bully sticks. Don't look up what they are. You don't want to know. They are hella expensive buy you can usually get good deals on them on Amazon or at Marshalls!

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